MATE is on hiatus

Mutual Aid Trans Edinburgh (MATE) is going on hiatus from October 17th 2021. This means:       

  • MATE will be closed to external support requests   
  • The MATE phone and email address will not be monitored 
  • MATE social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) will not be monitored and we won’t be posting to them   
  • MATE will not be doing any external organising or public speaking events

If you have been in touch with us for support via email or phone, we will be in touch in the next week about arrangements now that we’re going on a break.

Since our collective first formed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been working hard to build our community and share support and resources. The response from our communities has been amazing, and a testament to the strength and care that we have for one another. 

When MATE first came together, we were responding to the very specific needs of our communities during the pandemic. Now that things are changing, we’ve decided to take a break and a step back – to rest, and to reflect on MATE’s future.

If you are looking for support, please see this list of resources for information.

Take care and look after each other x